Monday, June 18

breakfast everyday

My bowl contains:
Piping hot steel cut oats, stone cold soy milk, maple syrup and an array of fruit.

Friday, June 15

the end

Clearing beds altogether on our last day. What I've gained here, I will not easily lose. 

Thursday, June 14

the morning milking

It's hard to give words to this time of the day. The sun is rising, the grass is dewy. It's just me, Faith, Sugar Snap, her doeling (born while we were here), Elvira and her bull calf (born two weeks before we came) in the little barn in the quiet of the early morning. The rhythmic hissing of the warm grass-nourished milk is soothing. The gentle nudges of curious babies are always smiled upon. 
Sugar Snap was fairly distrustful of us and frustrated at being in the new pen. She kicked when we milked her and we had to lift her onto the stand with much bleating.  One morning Annie was milking with us so we were extra happy, enjoying her conversation and loving on the animals absent-mindedly. Sugar Snap was eating up the attention. The next day and every day after that she would jump onto the milking stand of her own free will and stand there in stillness until she was done being milked.
All she needed some extra bonding time.

Wednesday, June 13

ocean trip

It was spitting rain, windy and cold all day. But we insisted on staying a whole 7 hours. Faith fell asleep on the sleeping bag. I ate popcorn and watched the moody Atlantic. Pelican Island was empty, spare a couple naked surfers and those two people on bikes.

Tuesday, June 12


Harvesting for the morning CSA pick up

Friday, June 8

the blue herring

A blue herring landed on the tree that is fallen across the creek today we were there so long in silence and stillness. I finished Walden and naturally we both fell asleep to the creek song. Faith yelled, "Leah! A blue herring landed on the log!!" and then, "I probably shouldn't have yelled that so loud..."  as we watched it fly away. Being at the creek is like visiting a spa. Especially considering we're bathing in it now...

Sunday, June 3

bent spoon

We had wanted the same two flavors, but decided instead to get four different flavors and then try each others. They were out of what we had decided on though and in the mix of people didn't hear that we both picked out the same two flavors of what was available, in the same order: chocolate and cardamom ginger. Then we sat under a tree and bought some stamps.

Friday, June 1

dirty laundry

The house is so bright. There are ten people living here. Faith and I are behind the grand piano and the Japanese screens. These are some photos of our laundry day--which happens really frequently. Caroline's washer is small. And we're on cow poop duty every morning.

Thursday, May 31


A lot hours hidden away by the creek for a breather that first week. A lot of times things needed to be broken up in order for the treasure to be had. I'm so, so grateful for every minute here. I've never had such a feeling of rightness.